Groupe BPCE On #GCIOB, From Hecham Cherifi

Hecham Cherifi, Head of Group IT Strategy & Governance – Groupe BPCE has been a part of the Global CIO Banking Summit Community for over two years, and is now a valued member of the Advisory Committee to plays an active role in shaping the content of the Global CIO Banking Summit.


“The Global CIO Banking Summit allows us to cover almost all areas of banks with executive and technical insights (blockchain, security, RGPD,AI,…)


We have the opportunity to compare our perspective of the IT stakes in banks with other banks, partnerships and suppliers. Due to the quality of the interactive format, the quality of the other attendees this becomes very valuable to us.


In my job, getting this kind of holistic view is very precious as we are able to strengthen our conviction, decide on the technologies we wish to adopt, and the traps to avoid. These insights have saved us resources and money and allowed us to change some of our strategies internally for the better.”


Hecham Cherifi, Head of Group IT Strategy & Governance – Groupe BPCE



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