'Of Madoff and Monsters.. When Sanity was not Statistical’

Keynote speech at the European Digital Banking Summit May 2019 By JB Beckett, Author ‘#NewFundOrder’. 

“If the idea of a Pre-Apocalyptic future for Finance appeals then step forth JB Beckett. Techno-Marxist, Spaghetti-Western fan and Sci-Fi futurist, Finance veteran.. and Gobby Scot.

JB explores the underbelly of the ‘Human Condition’. Author of ‘New Fund Order: A Digital Death’ JB challenged the harmonious vision for Automation in Finance. In a ‘Digital Resurrection’ he offered hope. Co-Author of ‘The WealthTec Book’, ‘The PaytechBook’ and Transparency campaigner, JBlectures and speaks globally on Fintech, Sustainability and Existential Risk. 

JB will take you on a B-movie journey; from Nietzsche to Das Kapital; Orwell to Trump, exposing our psychological biases towards Technology yet our propensity to do analogue harm to others. While many laud the best of human creativity and compassion; JB hunts down the worst of humanity in the shadows; fraudsters, Ponzis and none more infamous than Bernie Madoff. Fraud on an epic scale; Madoff showed the failings of today’s Bank Anti-Money Laundering Systems.  

Complexity facilitates criminality. The solution? Not more complex modelling or machine-learning algorithms. JB will instead propose and conceptualise a new Anomalous AML system.”

The next European Digital Banking Summit will be on the 18th-20th November 2019. For more information, go to digitalbankingsummiteu.com or contact us at info@connectmediaconsulting.com 

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